Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Wreaths

From summer to fall:

With the plan of making our apartment a home, I figured we needed a wreath. I mean, fall calls for wreaths, right? Isn't that what every girl grew up with on their front door? My mom was always really talented with creating wreaths. Good at the whole floral arrangement thing. While I love her creations, I wanted to make our wreath our own. 

From making my weekly (sometimes daily) trips to my little nursery, I've recently discovered air plants. Don't have a green thumb? These are fool proof! Mist some water on these babies about once a week. Poof, you're done. 

I found these wreaths in my dad's shed. Apparently he made a bunch for my mom a long time ago. So I snagged some for our front door. 

As always, it's a good idea to plan ahead...
- Wreath
- Fishing Wire
- Scissors 
- Air plants

This was a very simple process. I just chose where I wanted to place the air plants and tied them onto my wreath. Easy peas-y. 

My front door may not be pretty, but at least there is a wreath! 

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